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1/24 Scale Spitfire Mk 1 Rudder Pedal Assembly (early) AIP24-003
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This highly detailed and correctly scaled rendition of the early mark Spitfire rudder pedal assembly is in 5 pieces: 2x single step rudder pedal with embossed "Supermarine" logo, 1x rudder lever, and 2x rudder linkage rods complete with star adjusting wheel and eyes for cable attachments. Assemble with .5mm brass tubing or rod at lever/linkage hinges. Shown next to overscale old tool Airfix rendition.


Aircraft in Pixels

Aircraft in Pixels

Flugzeugwerke is what I called my Shapeways shop, specializing in 3D detail parts for 1/32 scale Wingnut Wings WWI airplane kits. And for awhile it was a great ride — I designed stuff, uploaded it, they printed and shipped and let me collect a little markup. Nothing lasts forever, though; Shapeways, for reasons of their own, enacted policies that made it less and less viable to create parts for this market. With the demise of Wingnut Wings it seemed my niche market would evaporate completely,

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