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1/24 Scale Spitfire Mk 1 Throttle Quadrant (Early) AIP24-002
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The first 173 or so Spitfires were fitted with fixed, two blade wooden propellers. Starting with airframe K9961 the fixed propeller was supplanted by a 2 position metal DeHavilland unit. This two speed propeller was controlled by a plunger attached directly to the fuselage wall. Therefore, though the throttle quadrant assembly appears from the outset to have been designed to accommodate a concentric pitch control lever, they were not so fitted until constant speed propellers began to be retrofitted in June 1940, at which point the throttle quadrant was replaced entirely with the later style.  

interestingly, information on the Rotol constant speed propellers fitted experimentally fitted to Spitfire Mk Is in early 1940 is scarce. It appears to be lost to time as to what the propeller cockpit controls were like for these machines, although logic dictates they were most likely the same as the later controls — I.e. incorporated into the throttle quadrant.

Our package cosists of 7 parts to build the early version of the Spitfire Mk I throttle quadrant. When carefully assembled, the mixture and throttle controls are operable within their gates.


Aircraft in Pixels

Aircraft in Pixels

Flugzeugwerke is what I called my Shapeways shop, specializing in 3D detail parts for 1/32 scale Wingnut Wings WWI airplane kits. And for awhile it was a great ride — I designed stuff, uploaded it, they printed and shipped and let me collect a little markup. Nothing lasts forever, though; Shapeways, for reasons of their own, enacted policies that made it less and less viable to create parts for this market. With the demise of Wingnut Wings it seemed my niche market would evaporate completely,

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